Good Reasons to be a “Hirer”

  • Minimum Stockholding
    Ownership can be very expensive when equipment is idle.
  • Re-Selling
    Preparing, advertising and selling are cost factors that do not occur when hiring.
  • Right Equipment for the job
    Eliminate the costs of using the wrong size or type of equipment. Hiring ensures the right equipment for the job.
  • Control your cost
    Knowing the true cost of owning equipment is difficult, job costing is easier with hire.
  • Storage
    Hiring eliminates the need for large storage areas.
  • Breakdowns
    All equipment is subject to breakdown occasionally, however our equipment rarely breaks down and if it does we will have you up and running again with the minimum loss of time.
  • Maintenance
    No workshops, no spares to stock or order, no mechanics to pay, no H&S records to keep and no unexpected repair bills.
  • Obsolete Equipment:
    Equipment is constantly being changed and updated, make sure you are using the latest, fastest machines by hiring.

“In Short the whole point of hiring equipment is to allow you to get on with what you are good at. The job gets done using the tools not owning them”